Posted by: ajrawson | February 11, 2012

February Meeting Announcement

We will meet on Tuesday, February 28th, in the West Meeting Room in the church basement from 7-8:30 pm. There is another group in the East Meeting Room and they will lock up at 8:30 pm, but we should be done by then anyway.


  • 40 Days for Life – It sounds like we will take Friday, March 2nd, & Saturday March 3rd.
  • Pro-Life School Contest – Hopefully Jeane will be able to be there. She has been the brains behind the school contest for awhile, but we need to help her by volunteering to do presentations to different grades and finalize other details. This year the contest theme is “Social justice starts in the womb,” and will be in mid-April.
  • Website – Hopefully Aaron can come and we can discuss any details. The website is complete, but now we need to make sure it’s fully updated, and Amanda said that when we send them a link for the webpage they will check it and consider putting a link on the St. Theresa’s Parish page.

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