Posted by: ajrawson | February 24, 2012

Pro-Life Movie Free Screening and Coming Soon to Theaters

Remember the free screening of the new pro-life movie, October Baby, that I mentioned in last month’s blog? If you can’t make it to the free screening on February 23rd, please consider going to see the movie when it comes out on March 23rd at the Jordan Creek Century Theater. The movie is inspired by Gianna Jessen, a saline abortion survivor, who is now a famous pro-life activist. It is about a 19-year-old girl who finds out that she was adopted after an attempted saline abortion. She sets out on a journey to find her birthmother and get closure. It’s a wonderful movie about the beauty of life, love, and God’s forgiveness. See the trailer at

When you go to the movie, the producers of October Baby will give 10% of the profits to the Every Life is Beautiful Fund, which will distribute funds to frontline organizations helping women facing crisis pregnancies, life-affirming adoption agencies, and those caring for orphans.

Free Screening

Here is a quick reminder of the details on the free screening for October Baby. The screening will take place on Thursday, February 23, at 7:00 pm at the Jordan Creek Theaters (101 Jordan Creek Parkway #2000, WDM, IA 50266). It is free, but remember that you have to sign up in advance on their website to get tickets.



  1. The movie was excellent. I recommend it to everyone who has been touched in some way by abortion. That includes almost everyone. Young children might not be ready for some of the info in it, so I don’t think they’d get much out of the movie. But anyone 12 and older who knows anything at all about abortion should see it.

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