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December Prolife Events

Have a Pro-Life Christmas!
Hello all! I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family, and that you will have a fruitful time this month preparing your heart for Jesus’ coming at Christmas. Let us especially remember pregnant women and unborn babies during this time, as we think often of Mary who was pregnant with Jesus.
One way my family prepares our hearts for Christmas is by putting our faith in action by serving others in specific ways. We write these activities on note cards and hang them on the Christmas tree. We do these acts of service as birthday presents for Jesus. If your family does something like this, consider including doing a pro-life gift for Jesus – like donating useful items or funds to crisis pregnancy clinics or giving a grocery store giftcard to a single mom who chose life. I have a feeling Jesus would appreciate that we show our love for Him in this way 

Election Recap
Here is a quick recap of the good and bad we will be dealing with politically for the next four years, as told by Steven Ertelt of Life News. There is still hope, but we must press on…

“The most pro-abortion President in our nation’s history was re-elected. That’s the bad news,” Dannenfelser added. “The good news is that we have heroes in Congress – some long-time warriors and some just elected just tonight – who are willing to take him on and fight for unborn children and women. But they are going to need our help.”
Americans United for Life Action president Charmaine Yoest said that despite the possible continuation of the pro-abortion federal policies of now re-elected President Obama, there are opportunities to stop abortions via state legislatures.
“A pro-life majority being retained in the U.S. House also means that President Obama will not be able to force through his radical abortion agenda without opposition,” she said. “At the state level, I believe we will see even more legislatures take back the life issue with model legislation and continue creative abortion limitation in light of Obama’s aggressive pushing of abortion on Americans.”
“Already, AUL has worked with ten states in passing legislation to opt out of permitting taxpayer-subsidized abortion coverage through Obamacare. And we predict that the courts are going to see an ever increasing number of lawsuits as Americans fight for their First Amendment Rights of Conscience,” she added.

Adoption Month!
November was Adoption Awareness month. What is NEW and EXCITING is the Governor Branstad proclaimed November to be Adoption Month in Iowa! Adoption is a beautiful thing!

Coordinate with Other Pro-Life Leaders
Learn more about what’s going on in the diocese and how you and your pro-life group can be a part of it at the next Diocesan Pro-Life Meeting. It will take place on Tuesday, December 4th, at 6pm at St. Pius X Parish in Urbandale.

InnerVisions Health Care Clinic
71 babies saved at InnerVisions so far! Praise God! Please pray and support their ministry.
Read this encouraging blog article about their work and do something to be a part of it!

Website Alert
The US Bishops have launched a new Religious Freedom website: Be sure to bookmark it.

Coming Soon
– Annual Respect Life Mass – January 22, 2013
– Details about the 2nd annual Respect Life Day, which will be held in March at Christ the King Parish.
JPII Medical Research Institute


The John Paul II Medical Research Institute is a non-profit organization founded to provide an ethical alternative for research that respects the dignity of every human life. Using adult stem cells, not embryos, the institute will develop innovative solutions for treating cancer and other diseases, including drug discovery for patients with rare diseases.

Give Cures is the John Paul II Medical Research Institute’s national gift campaign that raises funds to advance ethical, non-controversial, adult stem cell research for cures and to raise funds to build a cord blood bank so moms can donate their newborn’s cord blood. Go to to share this flyer with friends.


The Iowa Knights of Columbus, whose focus is on the culture of life, has partnered with the John Paul II Medical Research Institute in the Give Cures campaign. They are helping to get the Flyers into the Churches and inviting them to give for ethical cures.


We believe human life at the earliest stage is valued, loved and created by God. To use and kill a human embryo for research is a moral evil. The challenge is daunting when so many research
organizations and labs support embryonic stem cell research. Even worse is the prospect that patients may one day be faced with the moral dilemma of choosing between a cure and having a clear conscience. You can help to advance an ethical alternative for research that respects the dignity of every human life. Share the Give Cures flyer and become a partner or founder.

For more information visit our website – and or e-mail Kim Lehman at


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