Posted by: ajrawson | September 2, 2014

September Prolife Events


Local Events


 Next Diocesan Pro-Life Meeting – September 2nd

The next diocesan pro-life meeting will be on Tuesday, September 2nd at 6 pm at St. Pius X Parish in Urbandale. All are welcome to attend and find out more about Catholic pro-life initiatives in Des Moines and how you can help!



Agape Pregnancy Center Fundraising Dinner – September 16th

The 3rd annual Agape Pregnancy Center Fundraising Banquet will be held on Tuesday, September 16th, from 7:00-9:00 pm at the Holiday Inn Airport Conference Center on Fleur Drive in Des Moines. Agape is a local crisis pregnancy clinic. Dinner is complimentary, but there will be opportunity to make a financial gift to support Agape’s mission.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the ministry of Agape. It is by invitation, so if you have not attended in the past and would like to be included in the guest list, please let them know by calling 515-255-0243. They request RSVPs be made before September 5th. Last year over 400 people attended the banquet! Please help make the banquet a success!


40 Days for Life – September 24th

The next 40 Days for Life campaign which will begin on September 24th and go through November 2nd. Start planning your peaceful, prayerful witness for life at one of the local abortion facilities. For more details about the sites in Iowa, see their website HERE.



Life Chain – October 5th

On Sunday, October 5th from 2:00-3:30 pm, the annual Life Chain will be held in Des Moines. Life Chain is an opportunity to peacefully and prayerfully witness to the public about how wonderful unborn babies are and the need to protect them.

There are several locations, but the one that I know about is at St. Theresa’s Parish (1230 Merle Hay Road, Des Moines). St. Theresa parishioners and those from other churches line the sidewalk by Merle Hay Road and hold positive signs while praying for life. Please join us if you can!



 Life is Precious Workshop – October 11th

Save the date for the third annual Life is Precious conference. It will be held at Christ the King Parish and is scheduled for October 11, 2014. The topic this year is end of life issues. More details coming soon…


Teresa Tomeo & Iowans for LIFE Banquet – October 16th

On October 16th at 6 pm, Teresa Tomeo will be coming as the keynote speaker for the Iowans for LIFE annual banquet. The banquet will take place at the Holiday Inn & Suites on Merle Hay Road, Des Moines. Teresa will speak about “Bringing America Back to Life.”

So plan to attend the Iowans for LIFE annual banquet in October to meet Teresa Tomeo! For more information or to register, see the Iowans for LIFE webpage HERE.


Register for March for Life Pilgrimage – Before November 1st

The annual March for Life 2015 pilgrimage will take place on Tuesday, January 20th – Saturday, January 24th, 2015. Register for the trip before November 1st to secure your spot on the busses. For more details about the march, hotel and food details, cost, and how to register, see the Iowans for LIFE website HERE.


Ruth Harbor Banquet – November 6th

This fall’s fundraising banquet on Thursday, November 6 will be an evening of laughing and learning with comedian Mike Williams.  More details will be coming soon.


Sign Petition to Defund Planned Parenthood in Iowa

Please take 1 minute to add your name to the petition from Iowa Right to Life to defund Planned Parenthood in Iowa. Sign it HERE.



Pope Francis Visited Cemetery for Aborted Children in South Korea

Pope Francis recently visited South Korea, and, while there, he visited a cemetery for aborted children. According to this article on the significance of his choice to visit the cemetery, South Korea has one of the highest abortion rates in the world.

In the article, Steven Mosher says, “Pope Francis’s visit to the cemetery will shine a light upon the Korean abortion holocaust and, I pray, help bring it to an early end. After all, the theme of the Pope’s trip is: “Rise Korea, clothe yourself in light; the Lord’s glory shines upon you.”

To read the full article, click HERE.

For more details on his trip to South Korea, and a mention of his visit to the cemetery, see this article HERE.


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