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July Pro-life Events

Local Events


Diocesan Respect Life Meeting – September 1st

The next Diocesan Respect Life Meeting will be Tuesday, September 1st at 6 pm at St. Pius X Catholic Church (3663 66th St, Urbandale, IA 50322). Come to learn more about the pro-life initiatives in Des Moines and how you can be a part of them.


Life is Precious Conference – September 12th

The next Life is Precious Conference is scheduled to happen on Saturday, September 12th at Christ the King Parish, Des Moines. The topic this year will be End of Life Issues. I will try to find out what time the conference will be held by next month’s post.

Dr. Janine Idziak, from the Dubuque Diocese, will be the guest speaker. She is a professor of Philosophy and the Director of the Bioethics Center at Loras College in Dubuque. According to the Archdiocese of Dubuque website, Dr. Janine “works with the Archdiocesan Medical-Moral Commission in applying Catholic moral teaching on issues in health care.”


40 Days for Life – September 23rd through November 1st

40 Days for Life has just announced the dates for the Fall 40 Days for Life campaign: September 23 through November 1. Save the dates for this time of prayerful witness.


Iowans for Life Banquet – October 1st

Save the date for the annual Iowans for LIFE Banquet on Thursday, October 1st, at the Holiday Inn on Fleur Drive, Des Moines. The guest speaker will be Dr. Ray Guarendi! Dr. Ray Guarendi is the father of 10 and a Catholic clinical psychologist, author, public speaker, and nationally syndicated radio and television host. This is definitely worth putting on your calendar. To register click HERE.

Good News! – New Iowa Law for Mandatory Ultrasound

Iowa Right to Life: “Life-saving mandatory ultrasound language passed both Iowa House and Senate chambers!  It now heads to Governor Branstad’s desk for his signature. Each woman seeking an abortion will be offered the opportunity to view her baby’s image on the ultrasound.  She will also be ‘provided information regarding the options relative to a pregnancy, including continuing the pregnancy to term and retaining parental rights following the child’s birth, continuing the pregnancy to term and placing the child for adoption, and terminating the pregnancy.’”

Bad News – Iowa Supreme Court Allows Webcam Abortions

The Iowa Supreme Court struck down the Iowa Board of Medicine’s rule that would have prohibited telemedicine (webcam) abortions. The Iowa Bishops have released a statement of their disappointment in the Iowa Supreme Court’s ruling.


Two Important NCHLA Actions Alerts


Senate Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

This act, which would protect unborn children after 20 weeks, has passed the U.S. House of Representatives and is expected to be brought up in the U.S. Senate soon. To send a prepared message to your Senators, click HERE and then on the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act Senate Action Expected” action alert.

Conscience and Religious Liberty Rights

Please urge your U.S. Senators and Representatives to support conscience rights and religious liberty. It takes one minute to send a prepared message to your Senators and Representatives. Click HERE and click on the “Protect Rights of Conscience and Religious Liberty” Action Alert. Thank you!



InnerVisions HealthCare Volunteers Needed 

Please pray about becoming a volunteer at InnerVisions HealthCare. Volunteers have helped the clinic empower almost 300 women to protect their babies.

Receptionists Needed:
Monday afternoon 1-5 pm weekly
Tuesday evening 5-8 pm (1 opening every other week)
Wednesday afternoon 1-5 pm weekly
Thursday evening 5-8 pm weekly

This is a great volunteer opportunity for a couple of friends to do together. They can flexible when things come up. Please consider this opportunity. If you would like more information or to request a volunteer application form, please e-mail


Good News! – National Abortion Numbers Down 12%

Life News: “A new national report from the Associated Press indicates that abortions have dropped 12 percent nationwide and are down in almost every state in the country as more babies are being saved from abortions than ever before.”

According to the article, Iowa’s numbers have gone from 5,399 in 2010 to 4,423 in 2013. This is an 18.1% decrease.

To read the full article, click HERE.


New Pro-Life Organization – Pro Life Future

Students for Life of America is starting a new organization called Pro Life Future. The goal of this organization will be to help connect pro-life young adults just out of college with pro-life people in their community. This will allow these young adults to find places to continue supporting life in tangible ways and helping the many pro-life ministries to find more volunteers. They are asking for prayers as they set up the first Pro Life Future chapters across the country.


Culture of Life Studies Program

American Life League has developed wonderful pro-life materials for engaging kids of all ages on pro-life topics at age-appropriate levels. These can be used at schools or at home as an important supplement.

I was able to see the materials for K-2nd graders at a recent homeschool conference I attended, and they looked amazing! What is being developed for middle school and high school students also looked like it would be incredible for helping young people become effective communicators of the pro-life message.  If you don’t know how to help young people discover the beauty of the pro-life message, this might be a great help to you!

The Culture of Life Studies Program has a website with descriptions of their materials as well as free materials you can use to engage your family. Check it out HERE. You can also see a quick video about their program, click HERE.




Pro-Life Sand Sculpture Wins State Competition

Life News: Karen Fralich won the 15th annual Hampton Beach Master Sand Sculpting Competition with a pro-life sand sculpture called “Life.”

This is a beautiful example of how we can use our talents to share the pro-life message in positive ways.


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