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February Pro-Life Events

Local Events



Caucuses – February 1st

The Iowa precinct caucuses are TONIGHT, Monday, February 1st at 7 pm. Please consider going and include the pro-life cause in your thinking when you decide which presidential candidate to vote for. After voting there is usually discussion about your party’s platform.

Iowa Right to Life recommends “offering a pro-life plank for your party’s platform during the caucus.”  Iowa Right to Life has prepared one to make it easy for you! Click HERE to see it so you can print it and bring it with you.



40 Days for Life – February 10th

The Spring 40 Days for Life campaign will be from February 10th – March 20th. Start thinking about organizing family, friends, and fellow parishioners to quietly pray, witness, and be available to offer help in front of local Planned Parenthood abortion facilities. This will be during Lent, so it’s a great time to pray and fast for pro-life causes.

And if you enjoy podcasts, 40 Days for Life now has free podcasts you can subscribe to with a new episode coming out weekly. Click HERE to subscribe or get more information.




Couple to Couple League NFP Class – February 21st

[This is included because Natural Family Planning is an important part of being pro-life that many people are just finding out about].

The next Couple to Couple League class on the sympto-thermal method of natural family planning will begin Sunday, February 21st from 6-8:30 pm at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church. Online registration is required at

There are also NEW options for the class including live online and self-paced online classes. For more details click HERE.

The sympto-thermal method of natural family planning uses a cross-checking system based on three signs of female fertility. It is 99 percent effective in postponing pregnancy when used properly and can be highly effective in helping couples of low fertility achieve pregnancy. For more information on the sympto-thermal method of natural family planning, visit the Couple to Couple League website at


Gigi’s Playhouse Gala – February 27th

Gigi’s Playhouse is a Down Syndrome Achievement Center located in Des Moines. Gigi’s Playhouse offers educational and therapeutic programs free of charge to children and adults with Down Syndrome and for their families.

They are having a fundraising gala entitled “I Have a Voice” on Saturday, February 27th, at the Des Moines Marriott Downtown. For more information and to order tickets, click HERE.



Diocesan Respect Life Meeting – March 1st

The next Diocesan Respect Life Meeting will be Tuesday, March 1st at 6 pm at St. Pius X Catholic Church (3663 66th St, Urbandale, IA 50322). Come to learn more about the pro-life initiatives in Des Moines and how you can be a part of them.



InnerVisions HealthCare Gala – June 16th

Save the date for the annual gala for InnerVisions HealthCare, an advanced crisis pregnancy center that offers free help to women facing unplanned pregnancies. The gala will be held on Thursday, June 16th. More details to come…



YoungLives of Greater Des Moines

A positive, pro-life ministry that you may want to learn about is YoungLives. Young women who choose to parent their babies are matched with a mentor to encourage them through everything.

According to Ruth Harbor, which partners with Younglives: “YoungLives’ ministry seeks to treat each mom and her child or children with unconditional love and respect, sharing the love of Jesus in a tangible way. These young women are given the opportunity to gather for a meal or take childcare classes together with other teens experiencing similar life circumstances where they can build lasting friendships around their common experiences. Being given the opportunity to serve young moms and essentially influence generations continues to be humbling, inspiring and challenging all at the same time.”

YoungLives currently needs additional mentors. You can also organize a group to bring a meal for the young women and their children. For more information or to get involved, see their website HERE.


Iowa Catholic Conference

The Iowa Legislative Session has begun. According to the Iowa Catholic Conference, one of the pro-life issues they plan on working with legislators on is:

“Last summer you may have heard about videos that show Planned Parenthood trafficking in fetal tissues following abortions. We believe that practice is unethical. Not only that, but apparently abortion methods are sometimes altered not for any reason related to women’s health but to obtain more intact organs. We have been working on a bill to outlaw trafficking in fetal body parts, and support efforts to redirect government family planning money away from abortion providers.”

National News Update + Action Alerts!

– President Obama vetoed the bill from Congress which would have defunded Planned Parenthood. However, TOMORROW, February 2nd, “the U.S. House of Representatives will be voting to override the President’s veto of the Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act, which eliminates a massive portion of funding to Planned Parenthood and repeals key parts of ObamaCare! (FRC Action)”

Please click HERE to urge your Representative to override the President’s veto of the bill that would defund Planned Parenthood. Choose the first action alert “Urge House today to override President’s veto of bill defunding Planned Parenthood.”

NCHLA Action:  ANDA, the Abortion Non-Discrimination Act, is a bill that will “fight for conscience rights for all who reject abortion.” Please click HERE to send a prepared message to your national legislators asking them to support ANDA. Choose the only action alert: “Protect the Rights of Pro-Life Healthcare Providers.”

David Daleiden Indictment

Please click HERE to sign the petition to “Drop the charges against David Daleiden and charge Planned Parenthood.”

David Daleiden, from the Center for Medical Progress, which is responsible for the videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s sale of fetal tissue, has been indicted for use of a California identification to get into the Planned Parenthood clinic for the investigation. According to Life Legal Defense Foundation, this is “the same charge that would be leveled at a minor who used a fake ID to purchase alcohol. However, the law also provides a defense where the false information has no effect on the government’s purpose for requiring the governmental record.’

The Center for Medical Progress issued the following statement: ‘The Center for Medical Progress uses the same undercover techniques that investigative journalists have used for decades in exercising our First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and of the press, and follows all applicable laws.”

Currently lawsuits have also been filed against David Daleiden and The Center for Medical Progress by the National Abortion Federation, StemExpress, and Planned Parenthood. Life Legal Defense Foundation is representing him in these. Consider supporting Life Legal Defense Foundation HERE.

Read an article further explaining the indictment HERE.

Read David Daleiden response “Planned Parenthood broke the law, not me” HERE.

– Continue to pray for the result of the Supreme Court case that includes the Little Sisters of the Poor and Priests for Life. The case is on whether the government can force to the Catholic (and additional Christian) organizations to violate their religious principles and provide artificial contraception, including abortion-inducing drugs, as expected by the HHS mandate.

– According to a Lifenews article, the shooter at the Planned Parenthood in Denver has said his real goal was to fight against the FBI and government (not related to his feelings on life issues). Read the article HERE.

– In California, crisis pregnancy centers continue to face legislative pressure to refer for abortions. They are hoping for an injunction to put a delay on this religious liberty issue. Please pray for them. Here are some specific intentions from the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA):

  • Pray for Judge John Huston to be fair and issue a preliminary injunction
  • Pray for the attorneys to speak wisdom clearly and powerfully
  • Pray for the centers for protection and service to the community
  • Pray for the opponents that their eyes will be opened
  • Pray for the Board, staff and volunteers of all California Centers
  • Pray for the local politicians for their influence and wisdom
  • Pray for the unborn
  • Pray for those seeking help from the centers that they may find LIFE!




Iowa March for Life Group Makes National News

The Iowans for LIFE pilgrimage to the March for Life in Washington D.C. finished off with an adventure. Because of a huge snowstorm, and accidents caused by the snowstorm, the group was trapped on a turnpike for 24 hours with many people, including many buses also headed home from the March for Life. During the wait they made a snow altar and priests said Mass for 500 people – this is what made national news. Students in the group also performed acts of service during the stop. To see a reflection by Maggie Dewitte, who led the Iowa group, click HERE.


Pro-Life Pope Francis

After a homeless woman gave birth right outside the Vatican, Pope Francis gave her a year of free lodging. See full article HERE.


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