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Summer–a time to grow!




While Twitter is calling Live Action’s content “offensive” and “inflammatory,” Planned Parenthood is allowed to freely promote its message. Live Action President Lila Rose tells Tucker Carlson Tonight that while Congress is debating defunding, Twitter is protecting Planned Parenthood by suppressing facts about why the abortion giant doesn’t deserve our tax dollars.

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“I was horrified by the realization that I had killed more people than most mass murderers.”

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We know babies love looking at the faces of their mom or dad. Researchers discovered that this preference develops in the womb several weeks before birth, according to a study published Thursday. By projecting light through the uterine wall of pregnant mothers, British scientists found that 34-week-old fetuses would turn their heads to look at face-like images.
“ We have shown the fetus can distinguish between different shapes, preferring to track facelike over non-face-like shapes,” said psychologist Vincent Reid of Lancaster University in the United Kingdom, a co-author of the study. “This preference has been recognized in babies for many decades, but until now, exploring fetal vision has not been attempted.”

The findings, which appeared in the journal Current Biology, were the first to show it’s possible to explore sight and cognition in babies before birth.

Researchers projected two patterns of three dots in the shape of a triangle through the uterine wall of 39 pregnant mothers: One was in the shape of eyes and a mouth and the other was upside down.

Scientists then measured how the fetus responded using highquality, 4-D ultrasound. The ultrasound showed developing babies turned their heads to look more often at upright, face-like stimuli than those presented to them upside down.

“It turned out that they responded in a way that was very similar to infants,” Reid said. Although fetuses’ eyes are likely to be closed most of the time, the ultrasound scans often showed them blinking.

A 4-D ultrasound of a fetus tracks a stimulus during research into fetal cognition. The ultrasound scans often show the fetuses blinking.



Below is the editorial written by IFL Director Maggie DeWitte.  This was published in the Des Moines Register on Sunday June 4, 2017.

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland announced that they will be closing four clinics. The clinics set to close by June 30, 2017 are Sioux City, Keokuk, and Burlington. The Bettendorf center will provide limited telemed abortion services after June 30, but will also eventually close. They also have clinics in Urbandale, Ames, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Council Bluffs, Cedar Falls and two in Des Moines, all of which remain open for now.

Planned Parenthood stated that the reason for the closures was due to legislation passed last session that stopped family planning funds from going to clinics that provide abortion. Governor Branstad signed this bill a few weeks ago.

The Des Moines Register Editorial board believes this is a bad thing for Iowans. (Anti-Abortion agenda limits birth control, May 28).  Their angst is misguided.

The reality is that women will NOT lose health care because of these closures.

They WILL continue to get access to quality, comprehensive health care across the state of Iowa.

In fact, the Coalition of Pro-Life leaders developed a detailed map to help educate Iowans on the number and availability of community health centers throughout Iowa. It states, “There are only a handful of mostly urban clinics in Iowa that offer abortions. Shifting family planning dollars to community health centers instead will give more women more health care options in more areas of the state, particularly in rural communities.”

As support, the coalition surveyed 157 rural community health clinics to find out if they offer the same services as Planned Parenthood, including: STD testing, Cervical Cancer Testing, Breast Cancer Testing (Mammograms), and Contraception. The only PP service excluded from the survey was human abortion, which has nothing to do with women’s reproductive healthcare.

We discovered that these rural clinics provided most, if not all, of the above services, and usually on-site (in contrast to PP who typically refer services like mammograms to other locations). And women in need of these services can get them close to home without having to drive across the state to distant urban clinics.

The truth is in the numbers. One-hundred fifty-seven rural Iowa health clinics will benefit with this infusion of new funding. (A detailed map can be located at:

Planned Parenthood’s motto is: Care. No Matter What.

Really? They claim that only a very small percent of the services they offer are abortion. If this was the case and if Planned Parenthood truly cared about women and families in Iowa, they would cease human abortion procedures so they could continue to be eligible for the family medical waiver planning dollars.

But they won’t. Abortion is big business. Whether it is selling baby body parts or deceiving women to dismember their baby in the womb, it’s all about the bottom dollar.

In contrast to the Register’s dour warning, the family medical wavier IS good news for families in the state of Iowa. We worked hard this last session to educate legislators and the public that there are many quality community health centers in Iowa that provide comprehensive healthcare to women and families across the state. They do so without taking the life of precious human beings. This is a victory for our state, and Iowans for LIFE is committed to continue working to see all abortion clinics closed in Iowa.



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